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MyArtsDeli was born out of an artists vision to spread the joy of artwork across the globe.

An accessible gateway to the world of paintings from the brush of Sucharita


About Me


I was an IT professional for a large part of my initial career.

My heart and soul is dedicated to Art and I have been practicing it dedicatedly since last four years. I work in all medias oil, acrylic,charcoal,watercolour,pastels etc. Art is like a self cleansing meditation for me. I am lost for everyone but present for myself deep within searching for something serene which appears on the paper or canvas on which I am working on. With painting, I am discovering myself and the world around more and more, its a beautiful journey which I would love to walk for the rest of my life. It's a way of finding the truth , finding the unknown, life satisfying.

 As I had taken few steps in this path, I had created hundreds of pieces out of sheer love and passion, which not only took a lot of time and energy but I also dedicated my soul for the moment of creation. I have exhibited my paintings in various national and International platforms across India, Bangladesh, Italy, California, Turkey, Pennsylvania,Russia etc. to name a few.

When you like or buy any of my artwork, you are embracing a piece of positive energy that will enlighten your space with abundance of hope and positivity.

Contact me using below form or WhatsApp/Email me to get your Customised Painting done or Portrait Orders. 


Me with My paintings


T. +91 73383 15650 |

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